How will you pay for your graduation ceremony?

The reality is, just like your studies, your graduation ceremony costs money ( Photo costs, transport costs, renting of graduation clothing items) in order for you and you family to enjoy it.

How will you support yourself after you complete your studies as it may take months for you to find employment?

The increasing rate of unemployed graduates is one of the issues that triggers the country's concerns lately. Each year, the institutions of higher education are flocked by thousands of first year students, and each year these very same institutions produce thousands of graduates who are more likely to end up "unemployed” for some time before securing a stable income paying job and it is this very problem that Incentiv8 seeks to solve by providing you with a lump sum payout to see you through until your big break.

Wouldn't you like to be able to earn an income while studying?

Incentiv8 now offers students the opportunity to invite others students to join and you receive R100 cash and R250 added to your pay out for every student that joins under your name, this is a great opportunity for students because students really do need that extra cash and it’s a part time job that won’t even disturb you from your studies.

It is these crucial real life challenges that Incentiv8 has been designed to solve!

Incentiv8  guarantees graduates peace-of-mind on graduation, with a lump sum payout of up to R25,000 when you complete your studies.

Incentiv8 is dedicated to the growth of the future, enabling young South Africans to take care of those "expected hurdles" graduation brings and pursue their futures fearlessly.