Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Incentiv8 may request certain personal information from You at any time in which you are in contact with Incentiv8. This personal information may be shared amongst Incentiv8 and its partners, affiliates, owners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, sponsors, advertisers, suppliers, agents or third party and such personal information will be used in such a manner that it remains consistent with Incentiv8's Privacy Policy. This personal information may further be combined to other information in order to improve products, services, distribution, and maintenance time periods, advertising and content. You are not obliged to provide the aforementioned information; however, failure to do so may prohibit Incentiv8 from being able to provide you with any products or services.

Information that may be requested and utilised includes but is not limited to:

Name, mailing address, email address, telephone and/or cellphone number, preferences;
Proof of academic studies;
Credit and/or debit card details;
Your identity number may be required such as to verify you are over 18 and may legally purchase certain products or services.

Further to the above, Incentiv8 may collect and store various additional information such as, but not limited to, geographic location, time zones, customer behaviour and activities, time of purchase, certain behaviour traits depicting how you utilise the Website and/or Mobile Application, language and occupation.

The information which Incentiv8 captures is utilised for the purpose of market research to enable Incentiv8 to utilise this feedback and update its services and products accordingly. The data captured assists Incentiv8 by enabling it to notify you of any developments or updates which may arises. This will be achieved through regular updates or notifications. Furthermore, data may be used for internal analysis, marketing, research and development and auditing. Incentiv8 uses this information in order to improve its products and services to enable it to provide customers with the best, personal and client specific, products and services as well as specific target marketing to avoid unwanted or unsuitable advertising. Incentiv8 may utilise cookies and other web based technologies in order to capture consumer behaviour and ensure adequate and appropriate advertising is performed. Incentiv8 may collect and store information pertaining to your location for various reasons such as, but not limited to, in order to provide the quickest and most convenient services. Incentiv8 intends to use the aforementioned data to ensure the easiest and most convenient user experience is had by all customers as well as improving the Website and/or Mobile Application to provide the best possible products and services to all users. Incentiv8 is aware of the sensitive nature of this information and ensures the protection and anonymity of same at all times.

Under certain circumstances, Incentiv8 may be obliged to divulge the aforementioned information to certain organs such as, but not limited to, circumstances concerning legal proceedings in terms of legislation, circumstances of national security or by request of a government organisation.



Incentiv8 understands the sensitive nature of the aforementioned information and its customer's privacy, specifically with regard to banking account information. Accordingly, Incentiv8 utilises a safe and easy payment service as controlled by "EasyDebit" Information is thus kept safe and confidential throughout transactions by utilising various encryptions to protect the data that is transmitted and exchanged.

Any content, text, videos, audio, pictures, photographs, or communications of any kind posted on a page of Incentiv8's Website is done so at the customer's discretion and in view of all other users on the Website and/or Mobile Application. Accordingly, this information will not fall within the aforementioned protection and the user will be responsible for any consequence arising from same. Incentiv8 thus advises that discretion is used when utilising any comment platform. All feedback given therefore does not fall within Incentiv8’s privacy policy and is not viewed as confidential. Accordingly, Incentiv8 is free to utilise all feedback in any manner for which it deems fit and appropriate.

The aforementioned information will be retained for as long as is practically necessary in order to fulfil its desired purpose.

It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure the confidentiality of their password, which allows them to gain access to their account on the Website and/or Mobile Application, is kept safe and private.