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How does Incentiv8 work?

Incentiv8 is a revolutionary new product whereby we will pay your selected amount (up to a maximum of R50,000) upon a valid graduation claim being submitted to us.

All that is required by you is to provide us with the details about your studies, the amount you want to be rewarded with when you graduate and pay your agreed monthly premium.

What university must I attend to apply for my Incentiv8 reward?

Currently we only offer Incentiv8 to Unisa students.

What do I need to be studying to be eligible?

To qualify for the Incentiv8 product you need to be studying towards any of the following qualifications:

- Certificate
- Diploma
- Degree
- Honours
- Masters

It doesn't matter what year of studies you are in, we are able to cover you and pay you out your selected amount when you graduate.

What year of my studies must I be in for me to qualify to take out Incentiv8?

You may take out Incentiv8 anytime during your studies irrespective of what year you are in however the closer you are to graduating, the higher your monthly premium payable will be.

How do I pay for this awesome product?

Your monthly premium will be paid via monthly debit order.

This premium will run until the end of the month in which you graduate.

The amount you pay will depend on things like: Qualification, the amount you want us to pay you when you graduate and how close you are to graduating.

How do I get paid out?

When you graduate from Unisa you will simply need to send us a copy of your graduation certificate and we will then contact you to confirm your bank account details in which you would like us to pay your selected pay out amount into.

Yes, its that simple!

When and how can I increase my reward payout?

Once you select which payout amount you would like us to pay you when you graduate, you will only have 30 days to change that amount if you wish.

After 30 days from your application being activated, you will not be able to adjust your payout amount.

Do I have to pay monthly?

Yes, your payment for your selected payout amount will need to be made monthly via debit order.

What happens if I miss a payment?

In the event that your monthly payment bounces, we will contact you via telephone, SMS and email to alert you of the debit order failure.

We will thereafter instruct a double-debit the following month, however, should this double debit be unsuccessful, we will unfortunately have to cancel your cover, which will not be able to be renewed at a later stage.

What happens if I take a break from my studies?

If you take a break from your studies, you will still need to continue paying your monthly fee to us in order to keep your Incentiv8 payout amount active.

What happens to my fees paid if I drop out of university?

Our reward ensures that when you do pass, we will pay your reward amount and give you a massive high five.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you do drop out of university, we will not reward any amount back to you as we only payout when you graduate from University.

How do I cancel my Incentiv8 reward?

You can cancel your Incentiv8 reward any time you like with us, however, all historical fees payments will be forfeited. We require 30 days written notice of your intent to cancel on info@incentiv8.co.za.