We know that as a student, life is fun and the world seems like opportunities will be everywhere, once you achieve your qualification.

As past alumni's of Unisa, Tim and Byron thought the exact same thing and shortly after graduating, we realised the harsh reality of life after university, whereby having a qualification does not offer you much luck in finding a job as they are simply too few jobs available.

We then invisioned a world whereby you could receive a cash payout as a reward for completing your qualification and also earn sustainable income while at university.

Incentiv8 is for all university students who want to be successful.

If you believe in a better future filled with your wildest dreams, then Incentiv8 is the product for you. 

We created a product that empowers those who take a risk on themselves.


We are not an insurance or investment or savings company, we are an event based rewards company that ONLY pays on the event of you completing your qualification, provided that your membership is up to date.

We simply calculate the odds / probability of you completing your qualification in a similar way in how an insurance company will calculate the amount of cover based on your risk profile. This enables us to offer exponentially higher returns to you, the earlier into your studies you are.

We keep a fixed portion of all payments to cover our running costs and hopefully some profit and the rest of the payments go into a pot to pay claims and ensure we are sustainable.

Once you join Incentiv8, you will receive a legally binding contract ensuring we are obliged to pay valid claims, once you have completed your qualification.

We pay every valid claim, however as we are a serious business, we will not pay any invalid claims and if you join Incentiv8 within the final 12 months of your qualification we will not pay your reward payout to you and all past payments will be forfeited, as we protect the student fund as our first and only priority and any type of misrepresentation will not be tolerated.

We are here to look after legitimate Incentiv8 graduates after university.



Tim Pearson

Co-Founder & CEO

BCom Economics (Unisa)

Serial entrepreneur- Previously founded a taxi app in 2015 to compete with Uber, that was acquired by a subsidiary of a listed company in South Africa.

Byron Geddes

Co-founder & CSO

BCom Entrepreneurship (Unisa)

Proud Unisa alumni
Born with entrepreneural mind and spirit.
The visionary creator of Incentiv8, with a passion to make graduation the greatest event of your univeristy career.
Let's get that Reward. 


  1. Inception- Going from zer0 – one

    January 2017Byron and Tim spent countless days conceptualising how we could bring this idea to life.

    Raised R250,000 from investors to build out the initial website and to prove the concept.

    Our website went live in September 2017

  2. Getting traction

    2018Although we started to grow, many students were skeptical as we hadn't yet paid anyone out.

    Over 100 students joined.

    End of 2018, our first payouts happened!

  3. Growth isn’t easy

    April 2019Raised R1.7m in funding from investors so that we could invest heavily in our technolgy platform to ensure we can operate at scale while ensuring we keep our costs low, thus allowing us to be sustainable.

    Over 1,000 students joined.

    Our invite and earn programme was launched.

  4. Nothing goes according to plan

    2020Launched our innovative payment system allowing student's to pay online / cash, not simply by debit order.

    Launched upfront payments.

    Over 3,000 students joined.

  5. Only our best will do

    April 2021 Paid out over R1,000,000 to date to student's who have completed their qualification.

    Launched our social platform that allows student's to find, connect and chat to other student's at their university.

    Onwards and upwards!